PREMIUM Immobilien Deutschland GmbH


Investment in residential real estate

PREMIUM has been successfully providing private and institutional investors with investment opportunites in residential real estate since 1995. With main offices in Vienna and Berlin, the PREMIUM Group (consisting of Premium Immobilien AG and its subsidaries) is well placed to service the Austrian and the German real estate markets.

Interest from investors in the real estate market is growing. The residential real estate market is particulary attractive due to steady rental income and its growth potential. PREMIUM is particularly interested in providing investors with the opportunity to invest in this increasingly attractive market.

PREMIUM develops attractive housing in areas which have seen growth in population and a greater demand for housing. The two largest German-speaking cities, Berlin and Vienna; both display positive developments with regard to demographics and are highly desirable from the point of view of visitors and inhabitants alike. Both enjoy advanced infrastructure systems and count as financial and economic centres within their respective regions.

With the experience gained in developing over 7.800 apartments in around 280 completed property projects, PREMIUM has managed to reach a total investment value of in excess of € 1,4 billion, and therefore counts as one of Austria’s most successful real estate developers.